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The solution to every stressful mind today is a pill, especially for students who have to work hard and slog in college. They find it easy to end the problems with a pill which help them to concentrate on their studies and somehow boost their mental ability. These medicines are generally taken under the supervision of a medical practitioner since risks are involved if it’s misused.

What are study pills?

Study drugs are prescription stimulants like Ritalin, Nootropics, and Adderall. These are brain supplements that help to increase mental focus when studying. Generally, these drugs are used for patients who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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These are very strict prescription medicines. But despite the risks students use it. 1 in 5 college students is using it to boost his/her concentration. Nootropics and Adderall are the drugs readily available on college campuses after alcohol and marijuana. These drugs are highly addictive and affect the human brain similarly to street drugs.


What do college students mostly used as study pill?


According to a study, drugs used by college students for studying is Ritalin, Vyvanse,  Nootropics, and Adderall. These are very popular among students to increase focus while studying. Students can obtain them in two ways- By getting it through prescriptions or from their friends who have a prescription for the drug.


Do study pills boost memory?


College students who have been under study pills have generally said that study pills help them to improve concentration, memory, and general cognition. Its the best to provide them with a temporary mental boost. The students actually describe the pills as brain supplements. When taken by patients who have ADHD and ADD, it gives them a soothing effect. It helps them to overcome attention disabilities. These medicines help to increase the amount of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain which allows them to do away with depression and restlessness.


Students who use this brain stimulant have reported being less distracted while studying. They can go for hours without using their gadgets and social media sites. They feel more interested in studying, and their level of understanding becomes more profound. The students have full concentration under the influence of study pills. But they tend to lose creativity to a great extent. If they are not doing something, the students feel that they are wasting time.


Side effects of using study drugs


The study pills I’ve mentioned above have short term and long term side effects. Firstly even if the students feel that their concentration levels have increased this medicines do not make a student more intelligent or brighter. If the drugs are misused the students are likely to suffer from headaches, irritability, loss of appetite, sleep difficulties, restlessness, nervousness, change in sex drive and feelings of depression.


Negative effects can always materialize even if the drugs have been used only once. Situations may worsen if the drugs have been used with the combination of other drugs and alcohol. Use of any brain stimulants without the advice of a doctor is always dangerous. It can have an adverse effect on your brain especially if the students are using the pills thinking them to be brain supplements. These pills do more damage in the long run.


Be natural and put in your best efforts or try using alternative focus/study pills that I recommend which won’t have any negative effects! Also, try concentrating on your studies through meditation and mindfulness. These practices would help you in the long run with beneficial mental and physical effects.


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